Plastic Recycling

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The Plastic Solution’s mission is to reduce the plastic waste mountain and to stop further pollution by stimulating global plastic waste collection and recycling. We will do this while providing healthy financial returns for partners and investors.

The Concept

The technology was developed by Austrian Scientists with manufacturing in Norway. The strategy involves partnering with established tier one waste management companies whilst in parallel building stand-alone facilities.

At the core of the concept is a profit-driven recycling business offered to the market via an established EU based distributor. It is a scalable, carbon neutral, plastic-to-fuel (PTF) solution using an innovative compact sub-pyrolysis process. The fuel produced by this process will be high quality with less than 0.5% sulphur content. (Zero sulphur capture is also possible) in addition to converting plastic household and commercial waste, the technology can be configured to convert biomass into fuel.

The Output

  • The produced carbon-neutral diesel is targeted for marine use where increased demand occurs on the back of new UN International Maritime Organization regulations for sulphur content from 2020.
  • Shipping companies have limited eco- options, PAR offers a much-needed solution, with significantly lower CO2- and sulphur emission
  • High-grade plastic waste will be recovered as plastic materials where input material is suitable, balance used to produce fuel and railroad sleepers.