About PAR

Who are we?

Company Formation – Formed in Ireland the Board Members are

PAR represents leaders in emerging recycling technologies our Swiss partners developed a Carbon neutral method of recycling all plastic, (including contaminated) heretofore considered economically unviable, tyres, and redirecting materials for Biomass. At the core of our commercial motivation is the opportunity to develop a sustainable enterprise that by default enhances our planet.

What we are not, we are not promoting pyrolysis!

Three Directors, with experience across industries spanning waste management, construction, communication, energy, healthcare, hospitality, property development, financial planning & investment.

Why are we involved with this project and what is our goal?

Following a chance introduction in early 2019 with the Norwegian Technical Director who together with the professor had developed this fascinating technology we formed PAR as each of us understood the scale of the opportunity we had been presented with. Several months of research and reaching out to contacts and prospects cemented our belief that there was a significant global distribution opportunity.

We were particularly taken with the redeployment of the professors existing technology used for recycling Tyres in Bratislava utilized to produce, Sulphur free Marine Fuel, Diesel Fuel, Bio-Mass inputs, and all without the use of incineration.

Think of it as reverse engineering plastic back to its roots.

What starts life as liquid, is returned to liquid, except with carbon benefits associated, ultimately the process is an upcycling activity that in time will recognise the real value to that which is currently considered waste.